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I am dedicated to the mental and physical well-being of animals. I will provide one-on-one loving care. My first priority is the health, safety and happiness of all pets and your peace of mind.

- Kimberly
Canine Cuddle Care Owner

In Loving Memory of Chelsea
The inspiration that began this all.

1. Standard Care (Mid-day Walk)

Mid-day walk services are ideal for those who are away during the day at work. Rates are negotiable per your pet's specific needs.

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2. Vacation Package

Canine Cuddle Care offers daily rates for those on vacation. The packages include three visits per day.

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3. Holiday Care

We care for your pets 365 days a year. Look to us during the holidays.

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4. Pet Taxi Service

We will never charge you if we have to rush your pet to emergency. Canine Cuddle Care will stay with you and your pet and support you during this difficult time. After all, we love them too!


Adopt a pet
Adopt a pet from a rescue league or shelter and receive 15% off. Spay/neuter your pet and get 10% off. Order must total $300 or more (same year).

Referral Discounts
Receive a one-time discount (will be negotiated) for every new client referred to us!





Joey and Charlie



Nikko & Hunter From Alpharetta, GA

Cuddly Client Bella! From Alpharetta, GA

Shiloh From Duluth, GA

Maddie From Alpharetta, GA

Sophie From Sandy Springs

Before establishing Canine Cuddle Care, I was founder and President of Precious Paws, located in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Dogs: Pierre & Jacques

"I have been a happy and satisfied customer of Canine Cuddle Care for over six years. My two dogs are treated in an extremely loving manner by the owner, Kimberly Boyd. In my opinion, she goes above and beyond what is expected of her. I always feel like my dogs are in good hands when I leave them with her. I highly recommend her services!"

Dog: Cloe

"Kimberly loves my dog, Cloe as if she were her own. It is such a pleasure to go out of town and not have anything to worry about. I always know Cloe is happy there because she does a little dance everytime she sees Kimberly. Thanks, Kimberly! You're the best!"

We personalize our care to your needs. Call for a consultation at 678.862.2245 or contact us through this site.

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In loving memory of Chelsea. The inspiration that began this all.
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